Eric Himy

Eric Himy - Gershwin, The Art of the Transcription

"Eric Himy plays my Gershwin transcriptions with great flair and style!"
Earl Wild

“Eric Himy belongs to that school of virtuoso musicians who extend their skills and musical awareness by going through the same process as the composer when he writes or orchestrates music, the art of transcription. His world premiere recording of his own personal transcription of Rhapsody in Blue is based on Gershwin's original unpublished manuscript, and contains sections of music that were later cut off by publishers. Now, almost 80 years later, we have a unique piano rendition closest to the original intentions of the composer…”
Marc-Henri Cykiert

1. Rhapsody in Blue piano solo version (arr. Himy) 17:01
2. Liza (arr. Earl Wild) 3:17
3. Lady be Good (arr. Wild) 4:03
4. An American in Paris (arr. Himy) 10:46
5. Fascinatin' Rhythm (arr. Wild) 1:27
6. The Man I Love (arr. Wild) 3:11
7. Grande Fantasy on Porgy and Bess (arr. Wild) 28:11
8. Somebody Loves Me (arr. Wild) 2:48
9. I Got Rhythm (arr. Wild) 2:08

Recorded January 2002 at The Right Place/ Odéon 120, Brussels, Belgium.
Produced by: Mark-Henri Cykiert and Michael Guttman.
Engineered by: Michael W. Huon.
Musical Notes: Eric Himy
Piano: Steinway & Sons, Hamburg.
Cover Photo: courtesy of Getty Images.
Photo of Eric Himy: Helmuth Humphrey