Eric Himy

Eric Himy - Homage to Mozart 2006

In a salute to the 250th Anniversary of Mozart, pianist Eric Himy has put together a refreshingly original selection of Mozart and Mozartiana. The CD includes a Salieri manuscript, a delightful Mozart Sonata with a rare special cadenza added in the third movement, a Premiere of an Hommage à Mozart by noted Spanish composer Elisenda Fábregas, another Premiere of Variations by French composer Yves Ramette (studied in the same class as Pierre Boulez with Swiss composer Arthur Honegger at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris) which become a simple and tender affectionate homage to possibly the most famous Mozart Sonata for piano, also a rarely heard Wilhem Kempff transcription of Mozart's charming Pastorale Variée and finally the exhilarating Mozart/ Liszt Don Giovanni paraphrase. Every phrase is Mozart, yet every note confirms Liszt’s originality! All was recorded on the exclusive Steingraeber & Söhne piano, Bavaria's most important piano manufacturer out of Bayreuth since 1852. An instrument used by Wagner and Liszt.

1. Salieri / Himy - Vieni a me sull'ali d'oro from Armida5:35
Mozart - Sonata no.13 in B-flat K.333 - 21:10
  2. I Allegro6:53
  3. II Andante cantabile7:05
  4. III Allegretto grazioso7:12
5. Fábregas - Hommage à Mozart (Premiere 2006)12:13
Ramette - Variations on the Second Movement of
Mozart Sonata no. 16 in C Major K 545 (Premiere 2006) - 12:12
  6. Theme – Andante0:55
  7. Variation I - Legato e dolce0:30
  8. Variation Il - Legato espressivo0:37
  9. Variation III - Andante espressivo0:46
  10. Variation IV - Prelude0:53
  11. Variation V - Fugue1:52
  12. Variation VI - Minuets1:36
  13. Variation VII – Scherzo1:04
  14. Variation VIII – Chorale1:16
  15. Variation IX - Finale1:36
  16. Theme - Andante1:07
17. Mozart / Kempff - Pastorale variée K. 209b5:11
18. Mozart / Liszt - Don Juan Fantasy18:25
Total Duration75:20

Recorded June 13-14, 2006 at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater Rockville, Maryland, USA.
Produced by: John Lawrence.
Engineered by Ben Catania.
Piano Technician: Marc Abram.
Photo of Eric Himy: Helmuth Humphrey.
Piano: Steingraeber & Sohne. Piano made available courtesy of Piano Craft
This recording of "Hommage a Mozart" is sponsored in part by the American Composers Forum through its Encore Program, supporting performances of new works.
Cover and insert Photo: Jamie Harris / Lebrecht.
Cover: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - graphic portrait of the Austrian composer with a piano, writing and signature. Graphic design. Evocative, atmospheric, historical, take on interpretation of the composer's life and time. Reworking of classic images and modern composition.
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