Eric Himy

Yves Ramette and Claude Debussy
"Le Piano Imaginaire"

Composer Yves Ramette was born in Bavay (France) where his father was the director of a school. From a very young age Ramette was instinctively attracted towards music. When he was seven years old he started learning musical notation as well as to play the violin and the piano. At age fourteen, while pursuing his secondary studies at the Beauvais Lycée, he also began taking advanced lessons in harmony. After finishing his studies in humanities, he entered the Conservatoire National de Musique de Paris to obtain training in harmony from Jacques de la Presle, and in contrapuntal and fugue from Simonne Plé-Caussade. He also took lessons in composition from Arthur Honegger at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris and was awarded first prize in 1945 with one of his early works. Ramette studied the violin with Robert Duforestel, the piano with Lelia Gousseau and Lazarre Levy and the organ with George Jacob. Under the able guidance of Eugéne Bigot, he took lessons in conducting and orchestration. From 1943 to 1953 he was the director of courses as well as organ and notation classes at the Schola Cantorum in Paris. Named the "Maitre de Chapelle" and organ player at the Saint Ferdinand de Ternes Church in Paris, he resigned in1990 following a disagreement with religious authorities on the discontinuation of the devotional music. He founded the mixed choir "Voix Ardens" to promote devotional and secular choral music of the traditional romantic and modern maestros and gave many concerts as the head of this choir from 1968-1987. Since 1990 he has been devoting himself to composing music and he continues to practice the organ as well as his favorite instrument, the piano. He is the author of a book entitled "Grandeur et Décadence d'une tribune" (Grandeur and Decadence of a Tribune).

CD Yves Ramette
1. Variations sur un theme d'Honneger et Variation no.12:03
2. Variation no. 2 0:48
3. Variation no. 32:12
4. Variation no. 4 0:56
5. Variation no. 5 3:51
6. Pour un bal imaginaire10:30
7. Barcarolle no. 14:39
8. Barcarolle no. 24:10
9. Sonate no. 26:28
Claude Debussy
10. La terrasse des audiences du clair de lune4:23

Recorded at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater Rockville, Maryland May 3 & 4, 2005 Recorded by Joe Palamara and Ben Catania Steinway Piano