Eric Himy

Yves Ramette - Compositions for Orchestra

*Eric Himy, pianist on Track 1: Prélude, Fugue et Postlude.
Ramette composed Prélude, Fugue et Postlude in 1952 for string orchestra, piano and kettledrums. The theme of the fugue is heard in the opening Prelude. Rhythmic movements subside and become calm as the fugue approaches. The Fugue begins pianissimo, featuring the warm tones of the bass and cello. After the exposition and development, the orchestra builds and is brought to full strength. The Fugue moves directly into the Postlude where the orchestra begins to subside until the mood again is calm as the piece ends with a final arpeggio of the piano.

CD Yves Ramette
1. *Prelude, Fugue et Postlude9:33
2. Symphony No. 318:32
3. Symphony No. 5
   a. I. The Struggle 13:39
   b. II. Dreams and Visions/III. Ascent to the Light15:40