Eric Himy

I have been teaching piano since 1990. 
Currently, I have around 45 students.
I have all levels and ages and many of my students have won many competitions including Sonata Festival, District and State Auditions, National Symphony Competition 
to be able to perform at the Kennedy Center with the NSO, and recently the YMIC which offered a performance at Carnegie Recital Hall in 2019.

All of my students are extremely excited to be studying with me and that is because I know how to make them passionate about what I also love. 
Many realize later in life how lucky they were to be exposed to music on such an intense level.
And it is my pleasure to show them the hidden secrets of great music-making. creatively both with diligence and humor.

In my piano studio, I have two amazing Concert Grand pianos from 1898 one of which was played by Rachmaninov!
The other was the Baltimore Symphony piano  in 1891 and when Tchaikovsky came to inaugurate Carnegie Hall when he conducted his famous piano concerto with a pianist
(Adele aus der Ohe ) 
who had studied with Liszt and four days later they repeated the concert with the Baltimore Symphony....using my piano!!